Making Home Safe For Kids in Quezon City

The safety of your kids is topmost priority. The best place to start with is your own home in Quezon City. A major portion of kids’ time is normally spend at home which makes it important not only keep the space beautiful and full of fun but also keep it safe for kids and toddlers in the house. Here are some of the tips how you can keep home safe for your kids.

1. Family friendly home plans

One should start considering the safety of kids’ right from the time of buying the property in Quezon City. See to it that the laid out floor plans are safety proof. You can make sure that the kids’ room is close to your room so that you can easily hear them in case of need.

2. Installation of safety gates at the stairs

Stairs are the most probable mishap space in the house. Therefore, installing safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs to keep the kids from falling is a must.

3. Furniture should be kept close to the wall

Toddlers have the habit of climbing over, pulling and shoving down everything they see. Things like book shelves, TV racks and dressing tables can be very dangerous. It is therefore advisable to shift everything close to the wall.

4. No bare electronic sockets

Prevent your kids from being electrocuted by installing coverable electronic sockets. Keep your kids away from the sockets and plugs and make sure they don’t play with it.

5. Keep the garden gate closed

Remember to keep the front door and garden gate close all the time. It is a common happening when kids slip away from the house while playing and running after ball. They can’t be under surveillance 24*7; therefore keeping the doors and gates closed is the least you could do.

6. First aid kit is a must have

Accidents are common at home. Therefore, there should always be a first aid kit ready at your home so that the injuries can immediately be attended.

Along with taking these safety precautions, it is important to remind your kids what they are allowed to do and what not. They should know the repercussions of their activities.

5 Home Décor Trends to Follow in Quezon City

Do you plan to renovate your home in Quezon City? Or are you just seeking some decor items to buy? Regardless of these, it is any day a great idea to stay in trend. It is essential that you invest your money into decor trends which will stay for a long time. We have a list of five trends which definitely will add stars to your home in Quezon City.

  • Shiny is still the king!

Golden vases are getting back to the trend but it doesn’t mean you stop at stainless steel or silver anymore. You could combine various metals or also go all gold. Bathtubs made of brass, gold lamps and bronze, picture frames and gold faucets are a great start to this trend. But remember don’t overdo it!

  • Shades of blue

Blue is allegedly the most famous accent color you could use for decorating your home’s interiors. If you wish to be a little wary, you could include throw pillows or could use chairs colored with bold blue.

  • Wallpapers

Get rid of those boring walls as the wallpapers are back in trend. This will give space for more and more textures and colors which will in turn spice up the room. But if you don’t wish to make that decision, you could go with amazing wall decals. If you wish to redecorate any space, use decals that suit your thoughts.

  • Light wood

Wood has stayed around since a very long time. However, its counterpart that is lighter is grabbing the limelight this time. The most effective way to include this in your home is by chairs, a small coffee table or a dining table. It is probably time you spend money on a new dining table you have planned to buy.

  • Layering patterns, textures and styles

All credits to runway trend and fashion painting, you can now match and mix patterns in record of home too. Layering patterns and textures are on the high now. This will give an embracing and a warm feel to your house in Quezon City for sure.

Choosing the Right Builder Loan in Quezon City

The right builder loan can turn your commercial project from a break to a healthy profit budding project. Finding a right lender in Quezon City is not an easy task. Along with the cost of financing, a good and experienced lender is another must consideration.

Structure of builder loan

There are various ways in which a builder loan is structured. First is the interim financing which covers the construction phase. It is best suited in situations where the funds are required in a flow to cover the costs of supplies, labor and other costs during construction. This financing works best when full mortgage amount is acquired by the client on the completion of the project. The days that will go into construction can’t be exactly determined and is subject to delays. In order to prevent from worsening the conditions, it is good to have an eye on the project so that it stays on track.


The interim financing method is best in terms of flexibility. Funds can be acquired as per the set schedule which is subjects to adjustments too. The lender remains actively involved during the process which acts as a much needed supervision in the build. The only con being the efforts and hard work involved in acquiring the funds. The job requires a builder to be thorough with the aspects and the scope of the job. Moreover, a preplanning strategy can help in overcoming the challenges too.

Economic considerations

Which type of builder loan will suit the job depends on the type of project, on the client and the climate of the respective area. In a sturdy economy, a traditional loan structure is more sensible. An interim product loan is best for projects that are efficiently preplanned and organized to seek effectiveness.

The best lending company is the one who keeps the local economies at their finger tips and possess experience in the industry. Such companies act as the best partner to complete a project efficiently and at low cost. A right lender in Quezon City acts as a support system in the building process, maximizes profit and provide client satisfaction.

The Basics Of Real Estate Property Tax in Valenzuela City

The Valenzuela City government impose taxes in order to gather funds for the development of a certain country. In the Philippines, and just like any other country, the government requires the people to pay certain taxes. If you own a Valenzuela City property, such as a homeowner, it is your obligation to pay real estate property tax. Here are some of the basic and important things to know about such type of tax.

A real estate property tax is a kind of tax that the government imposes on a person who owns or administers any type of property. If you are a homeowner, you will need to pay this tax every year. In case you are wondering where you need to pay such tax, you will have to go to the treasurer’s office in your own city or municipality. If you fail to do so, the local government unit in your place will get your Valenzuela City property and auction it off to others. There are actually a lot of people who are interested to buy auctioned properties since they are cheaper.

There are two methods that you can employ in order to make your payment. First, you can pay such tax on a yearly basis. If you decide to pay the tax in full, you should do so on or before January 31. Typically, those who pay before the due date may enjoy discounts of up to 20%. Second, you can also pay your tax in an installment basis. In this case, the due date is the last day of every quarter. If you are unable to pay when your tax is already due, then, there will be an additional two percent imposed on the total balance.

You might want to know how much you will be paying as real estate property tax. In this case, you can compute such tax by multiplying the assessed value of your property by the tax rate. The assessed value of your property depends on the assessment that the city or municipality assessor will do on the property. Usually, you will see the assessed value on the Tax Declaration. With regards to the tax rate, it is two percent for cities and also municipalities that are within Metro Manila. On the other hand, it is 1% for provinces outside Metro Manila.

Common Reasons Why Valenzuela City Real Property Taxes Are Unpaid

For your property not to be seized by the local government unit and auctioned to others, you have to make sure that your real estate property tax is religiously paid. This is a yearly obligation and is due every January 31. Although, it will need a certain number of overdue payment on your part before the property will be seized and auctioned, it stills needs to be paid. There are actually a couple of reasons why real property taxes are unpaid by many homeowners. The following reasons are some of them.

Financial hardship is one of the top reasons in this situation. The Valenzuela City homeowner might not have enough money to get the real property tax paid. If financial hardship is experienced, most homeowners tend to have the basic necessities purchased first, such as food and water.

There are also other people who do not know that there is such tax that needs to be paid. This usually happens to those individuals who made this major purchase for the very first time. Other people would think that such tax is part of the homeowners association dues that they are paying for. However, what they do not know is that such tax is not included in the dues. It is a separate obligation to the local government unit.

Too many properties are being owned by several fortunate people. However, at times, because of the number of Valenzuela City properties owned by them, they lose track of all the taxes that need to be paid. This is especially true if they have numerous properties distributed in different provinces in the Philippines. It can also be true if the proprietor has gone abroad and only visits his properties several times. If the proprietor is abroad, he also does not have any opportunity to have his payment made since there is no other option but to go to the treasurer’s office. Aside from that, they may not also have the luxury of time to line up at the city or municipality treasurer’s office and get the tax paid.

To have these things countered, the payment can be made by a trusted person, instead. Also, receipts of the payments should be kept for future references.

Developer vs. Individual Owners: Who to Buy a Valenzuela City Home From

In the Philippines, many individuals dream to occupy their own houses. When they live in their own properties, they will experience comfort, convenience and privacy. There will be no need for them to follow the rules that were set by landlords. In most cases, many renters do not favor some of these rules.

If you are thinking of buying a home in Valenzuela City, there are actually two sources that you can check. First, you can buy from a real estate developer. Second, you can buy from the house owner directly. Both of these situations have their own advantages and disadvantages. In this case, you should first do a research as to what these advantages and disadvantages are for you to be able to make a sound decision with regards to your final choice. Here are the advantages of buying a house from a developer and buying one directly from a homeowner.

If you decide to purchase a house in Valenzuela City from a real estate developer, there is an assurance that everything is brand new. These developers usually purchase a piece of land, build the houses according to government standards, and sell the units. Most of the time, these developers already know that the location is a good spot for residential properties. All you need to do is make your payment.

If you will go with a direct home seller, you can avoid paying agent fees. Such fees are typically the commissions that the real estate agent will earn once you and a real estate developer closes the sale or deal. As a result, you can save money. Aside from that, you can also be sure that no one will push you into getting a property that may not be suitable for you. Nowadays, there are a lot of real estate agents who do not prioritize the needs of their clients. Also, you can directly negotiate the prices with the home seller. As a result, there will be clear communication on both sides and you can assure yourself that nothing will be misrepresented or missed out. The seller can also answer your directions clearly, promptly, and directly, such as queries regarding the neighborhood and the house itself.

Planning Your Estate Strategically By Donating Real Property In Valenzuela City

Liquidizing real property is considered taboo in the Filipino culture, despite the acceptance that such possession cannot be taken to grave. There is always the sentimental value of things that keep people from arranging the transfer of properties before death. However, what most people do not realize is the tax implications of doing so.

The ideal strategy is to donate and transfer the properties in Valenzuela City gradually. This process limits the donor’s taxes in comparison to the possibility of a higher estate tax at the time of death which pairs off with the necessity to move around all of the properties as the original owner has already passed away. In another common case, the deceased has gone through so much medical procedures and costs prior to death, resulting to depletion of monetary resources plus the urgency to arrange estate tax payments. This usually results to the family members selling off the properties in Valenzuela City at lower values due to time pressure. A more depressing scenario the deceased can probably think about is the heirs fighting over their shares of the properties, which could have been avoided if the distribution has been agreed and finalized properly prior to the owner’s demise.

Technically, a donor’s tax is one that is imposed on a property transferred to another person in the form of a gift. This is based on Sections 98 to 104 of the Tax Code. The tax applied is based on the full value of the total gifts transferred in a year’s time. This value is calculated based on the FMV or Fair Market Value of the gift at the time it is given. For real properties, the FMV serves as the taxable base, and this FMV is based on which is higher between the Zonal Value that the Commissioner of Internal Revenue determines or the FMV presented in the most recent values determined and declared by the city and provincial assessor. In their absence, the Fair Market Value indicated in the tax declaration upon giving the gift will serve as the taxable base.

Considering all these provisions for donor’s tax, it is definitely good to opt for graduated donation of one’s real properties in Valenzuela City instead of one-time transfer after an owner’s death.

How To Keep Your House In Valenzuela City Unattractive To Burglars

If you want to learn a lot from a person, take a look at his home. This is very true to the Filipino community where having a home is indeed a big deal. A Filipino home is an asylum of every Filipino family’s most prized possessions and a reflection of who they are. As a matter of fact, most Filipinos don’t marry unless they can secure a good shelter for their future family. Their home will play a big role in growing a family and it is a must to ensure its safety, especially in urban areas like Valenzuela City.

In the Philippines, no matter where and what type of house you live in, burglary is a prevalent crime. If worse comes to worst, burglary can even lead to rape and murder. It is frustrating to the extent that these crimes exist even in subdivisions located in Valenzuela City where security guards are hired by homeowners. Not to mention, most of these units even have security devices installed in their doorsteps to shoo the burglars away. With all these preventive measures, it is saddening that burglary rates are still soaring high. The best solution for this is to avoid being an easy target for these ill-minded criminals.

Start off by keeping your assets to yourself. Keep your wide-screen TVs and gold-plated accessories far from the public’s eyesight. To test, make sure that any bystander cannot immediately see them from your window. Showing them off can summon burglars into your doorsteps. At times, even though, these valuable items are far from sight, burglars still know what’s behind your walls. Be wary in disposing boxes outside your house in Valenzuela City as these can give them hints as to what they can rummage inside. Keep your vicinity well lighted too! This is very important during nighttime when most of these criminals become active. Good lighting can help spot suspicious activities in the dark. On the other hand, poor lighting or no light at all usually means that the house is unattended. Make sure to leave a light on while on vacation to outsmart lurking burglars. Do not leave spare keys in your so called “hidden spots” because these hidden spots may already be known to burglars. Lastly, filter your social media posts. There’s no need to flaunt your newly bought iPhone or MacBook in Facebook. Remember, burglars have Facebook too!

How To Spot a Trustworthy Tuguegarao City Real Estate Agent

Nowadays, there are already numerous real estate developers in existence all over the Philippines. They develop certain areas, turn them into residential properties, and sell them to interested individuals. You might be one of those people who wish to buy such properties. In this case, you will need a licensed real estate agent to mediate negotiations between you and a real estate developer. However, with the existence of numerous realtors who cut corners just to make quick sales, you should exercise caution when you hire one. Here are some tips that can help you spot a trustworthy Tuguegarao City real estate agent.

The task of this agent is to assist you with such endeavor, from preparing the paper works up to following the developer up. Since this is the case, it is important for this professional to know all relevant information about the property that he is trying to sell. In order to determine whether the agent is knowledgeable in this field or not, he should answer all your queries about the property clearly and promptly. If he always refers you to a superior, then, you should be wary of him since it shows his incompetence.

The needs of various homeowners vary. You surely have your own needs when it comes to the Tuguegarao City property you want to purchase. In this case, a trustworthy real estate agent will prioritize your specific needs. He should ask what your needs are during the initial stage of the engagement so that he will have ample time to look for the property that is suitable for you. He will not strongly encourage you to buy a property when he knows that it does not meet your needs.

Every Tuguegarao City property has its own pros as well as cons. The agent should provide you with the list of pros and cons of such property and discuss these matters to you. He will show competence if he can let you see each side of the coin. There are other agents who will not provide the cons to their clients because they are somewhat afraid that they might lose the sale. You should avoid such agents at all cost since you will surely suffer future consequences. You will be the one to shoulder future relevant costs.

5 Benefits of Buying a Tuguegarao City Home

Thinking of a new place to live? It might be because you want a scenic view or peaceful place to live with your loved ones. Tuguegarao City will definitely meet or even exceed your limitation. From the friendly and warm people, the warm climate which can make you feel at peace, the cool places you might visit and even the superb food, it will be the best for you!

The following are the five benefits which will give you valuable information to let you know and decide that buying a Tuguegarao City Home will be a good deal for you.

  • The people in Tuguegarao City are all friendly and genuine people. They will help without expecting something in return from you. They will help you feel welcomed to the neighborhood, giving you genuine smiles when you meet in roads.

  • Some of the well-known tourist spots are here in Tuguegarao City. These are the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul which holds a great deal of history and the famous Buntum Bridge which connects Tuguegarao City and across the largest lake in the Philippines, Rio Grande de Cagayan.

  • The delicious Pansit Batil Patong which is a noodle dish made up of miki and an overload of toppings and the local brew which tastes god but has a lower price than those commercial brews. These foods are only available in Tuguegarao City.

  • The cool and peaceful night in the streets of Tuguegarao City. There are times when you feel like going out at night and walk alone in streets, feeling vulnerable. However, you need not to worry because the streets are safe and the whole place is peaceful. Surely, you will enjoy your walks at night.

  • For the medical services, you don’t need to worry there quite a number of hospitals around the city. There are several elementary schools, high schools and universities as well which can stop your kids to travel on far places.

To sum up everything, buying a Tuguegarao City Home will introduce you to a new environment, wonderful neighborhood, scenic and safe places that will improve your way of living in one way or another.

What You Need to Buy a Property in Tuguegarao City

Buying a property involves something much greater than everyday living. Now that you already decided that you will be buying one of the Tuguegarao city home, the next step for you is to check what are the things that you will need to purchase the property. Before buying the Tuguegarao city home, you must equip yourself with the knowledge and the mindset to make the right decision.

To assist you with this, here are the possible things that you need to have to assure the success of your plans in purchasing properties in Tuguegarao city.

Money- It is indeed of quite importance in purchasing a property in Tuguegarao city. You can use it on purchasing the property itself, paying the consultation fee for those people in authority who can give you advices and etc.

Future Expenses- It does not mean that when you already purchase a property, you will no longer spend a single penny for it. Remember that you will spend money for the tax annually or else, you will have a problem against the Bureau of Internal Revenue. Or that you will still spend money ranging from peso to thousands to millions on maintaining the good condition of this property.

Patience- To purchase a property is not a day-long process. Your patience will be tested. There are times when the deal will be suspended and will be moved to another day since the developer of the property is very busy on other things. Or that there are few delays in closing the deal for various reasons.

Knowledge- you must know the rules of purchasing a property, the people you can ask for help and even know how to trust the agent who is there to always help you and lastly,

Determination- through all the hardships that you had experienced, obstacles you faced and information you gathered (may it be positive or negative), you must have to will to continue and finish what you started.

With these attributes, it will be an assurance for you that the property that you desired for a long time will be yours. It might be hard and confusing from the start, but you’ll feel the happiness once you overcome these obstacles.

Why Invest in a Tuguegarao City Property

One of the most important things to consider when buying a property is the neighborhood. Human beings are social beings and because of that, nobody would like to invest in a property where they feel uneasy. An inaccessible location with a crappy road system is big turn off for potential buyers. The kind of people living in that area is a big factor also. If you are eyeing for buying a property in a beautiful country like the Philippines, scouting for good properties is an easy task since it is already blessed with beautiful islands. Some of its ideal spots are widely spread into the 14 regions and Tuguegarao City is just one of them. Here are the reasons why you should invest in a Tuguegarao City property.

1. It has a good topography.

Tuguegarao City is the second largest province in the Cagayan Valley region. It is made up of plains and valleys which makes it an ideal location if you want to live with nature. It is also 480 kilometers north of Manila which makes it a perfect get away from the overly busy streets.

2. It has a good education system.

It is important to live in a locality where learning facilities are accessible for the students. Tuguegarao has 31 tertiary schools and 26 vocational schools. It also has 2 private universities—Saint Paul University and University of Saint Louis, and one state university— the Cagayan state University.

3. It has a variety of natural resources.

Living in a neighborhood that is rich in natural resources has a lot of benefits. Tuguegarao is situated in a region with vast croplands, marine and inland waters, bio-diverse resources, and enormous mineral deposit. This can be a good investment for the residents. Also, residents can ensure high quality agricultural crops and livestock in the local markets.

4. It has a strong labor force.

When looking for a place to settle down, the job opportunities in the locality should also be looked into. Does it have establishments where you can earn for a living? Most importantly, a strong labor force in a locality means that it can generate enough income to sustain good quality services. Since Tuguegarao has well-established learning facilities, the government can provide good-quality employees which can contribute to the labor force of the region.

How to Hire a Tuguegarao City Real Estate Agent

Buying a property in Tuguegarao City is quite tough and requires lots of hard work. You will spend plenty of time working on papers and on making it sure that you are doing the right thing and of course, the main question is that how can you find a good property in Tuguegarao City. You will need a person who can assure you the quality of the property you will be buying and of course, you will need him in creating a connection between you and the client.

The person you are looking for is a real estate agent. They are the people that you will deal in buying a property in Tuguegarao City. These agents will show you the house and give you facts about the property you are interested in buying. They will be the person between you and the client.

The following are the ways that you may follow in hiring a Tuguegarao City real estate agent:

  • Choose to meet a real estate agent in their work environment rather than on their offices. It is because it is on the working environment that you can observe their working attitude because it might be a hassle if the real estate agent has troublesome attitude.

  • Make sure that the real estate agent has a credible background. The more deals the real estate agent had closed means more experience.

  • You may contact a real estate agent that your close friend had work and can be trusted with. This will only mean that this real estate agent is credible and had many experiences in closing a deal.

  • Make sure that your agent can be reached through phone and even online for it to be accessible and less hassle on your part.

  • You might as well interview two or more real estate agents to keep thing balanced. There are times when the real estate agents will only tell you what you wanted to hear and will not give you the information that you did not ask but are relevant as well.

By choosing the best real estate agent, you can close a real estate deal. All you have to do is find the best real estate agent and trust him.

5 Ways A Trece Martires City, Cavite Real Estate Property Can Be Used To Earn Passive Income

Real estate business is an ongoing “thing” in the Philippines and worldwide. With a good strategy and basic marketing knowledge, businessmen can earn money from it. You can even decide to hire someone, like a landlord or property manager, to do the job for you. To give you a kick start, here are 5 ways on how you can earn money through Trece Martires City, Cavite real estate properties.

1. Property Appreciation

The money that you invested in purchasing a property can get back to you ten folds. Of course, this won’t happen overnight but you are sure that land value increases over time. Frequent renovations and constant maintenance increases it further. Also, you will be able to sell it faster if you sell it on those months where the market demand is high—preferably during Christmas season where 13th month and Christmas bonuses are still intact.

2. Property Rentals

There are different ways to rent your Trece Martires City, Cavite property. It can either be long-term rent, short-term rent, vacation rent or rent-to-own. Long-term rent gives you the assurance that you’ll be earning income long-term. You will also be sure that the business can be permanent since people are constantly looking for a place to stay. Just make sure that your property is strategically located near offices or schools. Short-term and vacation rentals are ideal if you are waiting on your property to appreciate since tenants are expected to stay temporarily and in a definite span of time.

3. Pre-selling and reselling

Investors take advantage while the selling price of the Trece Martires City, Cavite property is still low. In this case, the property has not been constructed yet. Afterwards, the owners maintain and make appropriate fixes to prepare the property for reselling— on a higher value.

4. Raw land purchasing

Raw land purchasing is ideal if you can secure a strategic location which can attract businessmen and developing companies to purchase your land. This is a good investment since raw lands are cheaper than established properties. In the long run, you can sell it expensively. Remember that businessmen will invest on these properties if they can see its business potential. It is a win-win situation for both sides.

5. Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT

Joining a real estate investment trust is also a good way to invest your money in real estate. It is a stock corporation which was established to let investors own income-generating real property assets.

Characteristics Of A Reputable Trece Martires City, Cavite Real Estate Agent

Selling houses is challenging because of the tight competition in the market. If you are planning to sell your house for the first time, you might want to try seeking help from the expert – a real estate agent. However, looking for a perfect Trece Martires City, Cavite real estate agent is difficult if you don’t know what you are looking for. To help you get started, here are the characteristics of a reputable real estate agent.

1. Honest

When hiring a real estate agent, be sure that you can trust the realtor. After all, you are not just selling a piece of land in a pot but you are entrusting a high-valued possession – your house. Avoid a realtor who tends to sugar-coat his words. However, do not be confused between being rude and being honest. An agent must be politely honest.

2. Committed

You cannot expect that you’re the only client a Trece Martires City, Cavite real estate agent is attending to not unless you’re hiring a newly deployed soldier in the battlefield. Hiring an agent with numerous clients is normal. It means that the agent is trusted by many clients. However, you should observe whether the agent is committed to his work. A reputable real estate agent must show commitment to every task he attends to.

3. Self-spoken

A reputable real estate agent must not be afraid to communicate. It is his duty to dissolve the line between the client and the homeowner to come up with an agreement. The agent must be able to relay every relevant information to his client, especially those who are still new to this business. This will help the client understand how things flow in this business.

4. Good listener

A good speaker must be a good listener too, A reputable Trece Martires City, Cavite real estate agent must listen to his client so that he can effectively convey these details to the other side of the party.

5. Does his homework

A real estate agent must be knowledgeable about his task so that whenever a question is asked, he can give valid and factual answers, such as when a customer asks about the pros and cons of the neighborhood. This is a turn-on to most clients since it reflects that the agent is committed and diligent.

Different Themes For Your Trece Martires City, Cavite Home’s Interior Design

The best part of getting a house is the planning stage. As a homeowner, you get to decide the theme of your Trece Martires City, Cavite house according to your preference. This is the perfect time to get creative. Many Filipinos, as creative as they are, might think that designing the interiors of a house is as easy as A, B, C but in reality, it is as confusing as solving a riddle. Sometimes, you have too many ideas that you don’t know where to start. Sometimes, all these ideas seem to be brilliant that you desperately try to fit everything in the context. To avoid getting yourself in this situation, you must first find inspiration by searching for home interior design themes.

There are a lot of themes and inspiration on the Internet. From a vintage style to a modern theme, there are already a lot of references to look into. If you are in a budget, you don’t have to push yourself on spending too much as there are also cheaper alternatives. The options in the market are numerous and if you have the perseverance and the patience, you’ll be able to rummage the perfect yet cheap materials for your Trece Martires City, Cavite home.

If you are an avid fan of the American life and history, then you should probably opt for the traditional American theme. Woodwork dominates the design from wood mantels to cupboards. However, this theme has many variations depending on the American era you prefer— 18th century or early American.

If you are more inclined to medieval art and grand castles, then go for medieval themes. One of the characteristics of a medieval home is the presence of limestone or granite walls. If your budget is not enough, you can purchase paints which can help create this illusion. Of course, you can’t leave out the fireplace, right?

On the other hand, if you are a contemporary art enthusiast, most probably living the 20th century life, then you will most probably be attracted to a minimalist theme where everything looks simple, clean, organized yet creative.

The themes mentioned above are just few of the available themes. If you are having a hard time starting a perfect interior design for your Trece Martires City, Cavite house, then surfing the Internet is a good way to boost your creative juices.

Important Rooms Your Ideal Trece Martires City, Cavite Home Should Have

A perfect house is what everyone dreams to have. It is very fulfilling to go home after a stressful day knowing that you’ve built a house with your own hard-earned money. A perfect Trece Martires City, Cavite house, however, is a vague concept because it varies across different perspectives. On the other hand, an ideal house is not hard to define. No matter what your design is, an ideal home should be livable and comfortable. To give a concrete definition of an ideal home, here are the important rooms that your ideal home should have.

1. Bedroom

This is the most important room in a Trece Martires City, Cavite house. It is the place to relax after a long and busy day whether you are a student or an employee. Your bedroom should be the source of comfort and privacy. The bedroom is what you can consider as your personal space.

2. Living room

Filipinos are known to be family-oriented. The living room is where you will build moments with your family and spend time together, like playing and watching movies. Aside from that, Filipinos are also known to be hospitable. Having a living room helps you welcome your guests.

3. Kitchen

Filipinos are food lovers. Most, if not all, tend to become very adventurous when it comes to the kitchen. That is why an ideal home should not lack the presence of the kitchen. Aside from the bedroom, a kitchen is also a good place to distress. Ever heard of stress-eating?

4. Comfort room

One of the basic needs of every person is proper hygiene which is why it is important to have a functional comfort room in every house. Sanitation is important to prevent contagious diseases that can put your family at risk. Having a comfort room gives you proper ways to dispose human waste.

5. Storage room

This is probably the least important room in every Trece Martires City, Cavite house but still something that should not be taken for granted. Storage rooms provide space for seasonal stuff just like Christmas decorations. You can also store your baby’s out-grown stuff like the crib and the high-chair so that they can still be used by the next offspring. For Filipinos that are trying to stretch their budget, this is a good way to save.

Buying A Trece Martires City, Cavite House? Apply For A PAGIBIG House Loan Now!

Getting a house nowadays can cause a lot of damage to our pockets. It is different from previous generations where raw lands are not hard to find. Raw Trece Martires City, Cavite land costs cheaper than established properties like condominiums which is why it is much preferred before. Today, the city is very congested with buildings and infrastructures. Lands are purchased by development companies to be converted into subdivisions and condominium towers. Today, raw lands are only available in rural areas of the Philippines which are very secluded from the city—far from white collar job opportunities and schools.

The economy of the Philippines makes it harder to purchase a Trece Martires City, Cavite house. Working with blood and sweat is almost not enough to save money for a good house. However, there are government establishments that can help alleviate this problem. One is through a PAG-IBIG Housing Loan application.

To start with, you have to prepare the necessary documents for your application—Application Form, Identification pictures, a membership status verification slip, a proof of your income, and a photocopy of the responsible entities’ ID, most importantly the principal borrower. You should also authorize the agency to conduct a background check to ensure that you have sufficient credit to return the borrowed amount. For a full list of documents, you can check the PAG-IBIG website to get more information or you can just get a requirements checklist in the Trece Martires City, Cavite PAGIBIG branch after you’ve submitted a membership status verification slip (MSVS).

Once you have gathered the requirements, you can now proceed with your application by visiting the PAGIBIG Branch which has the territorial jurisdiction of the property to be loaned. Alongside with the documents in the checklist, you also have to submit two prints of the application form. You will then be given an MDF with the tracking number of your registration.

Lastly, you have to pay 1000 pesos for the processing fee and in order to get a receipt. Once the receipt has been given, submit a copy to the housing loans division if you are outside NCR province or to the responsible equivalent department if you are within NCR province. Once submitted, you will then receive an acknowledgment.

Wait for five working days for the status of your application. Remember, the result of the background check can also affect the status of your application.

Simple Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Teresa, Rizal Condo

Over the decade, there has been an increase of condominium projects and towers sprouting in relatively every primary and leading cities all over the Philippines. You can find condominium buildings and rising towers almost everywhere you go and this is because of rising demands of millennials looking for a comfortable place to rest after a long stressful day and a place that supports their lifestyles.

At present, it is more practical to buy Teresa, Rizal condominium units as they are more practical and economical over residential homes which is steadily increasing in prices. Investing in a condominium unit is certainly better. Before you go abruptly purchasing condo unit though, there are few things you need to consider.

First and foremost, canvass and research thoroughly. Price and location are vital factors when choosing to invest or not in a particular condominium unit. The more adjacent these Teresa, Rizal condominium units are to business establishments, the more it impacts the overall price you have to pay. Normally, those that are nearer to business centers are pricier. If you want to get a condo unit that is near your workplace, which unfortunately is located at a business center, then you’ll have to brace yourself for a hefty purchase price. It’s up to you how you will balance convenience and affordability together.

Secondly, think of your goals in life and foresee the future ahead of you. Consider timely and unexpected change that might happen. These changes may include career change, marital status, lifestyle, family and many more possibilities that may reshape your perceptions and point of view in life. So, before making any purchase, ask yourself first of these matters and weigh everything accordingly.

Lastly, do not be ignorant with your terms of contract. Gather full awareness and knowledge in every details of the contract before signing in. It may implicate you to serious legal matters without knowing it. Consider the help of a Teresa, Rizal broker or an attorney. Better yet, before signing a contract, consult your building owner together with your legal consultant to discuss any incomprehensible items you’d like to ask and suggest anything that you want to change.

Essential Things to Consider Before You Buy Your Dream Home in Teresa, Rizal

A good shelter is one of the primary needs of an individual. It is a sanctuary where Filipino families grow together. In the Philippines, owning a house is a big deal most especially when planning to build a family. Due to this mindset, numerous housing development companies such as Alta Tierra Homes and Avida are emerging and most of these housing projects really offer high quality houses.

Not to mention, that some of these are certainly pocket friendly. However, with the multitude of options in the market, eyeing for a house should not be accomplished overnight. There are a lot of decision making that has to be made and one of them is the assurance that you are safe from tricksters dressed in a sheep’s clothing.

Regardless of what business, scammers are everywhere. These bad entities are usually hard to identify at one glance that is why more and more people are falling deep into this trap. The surest and safest way to avoid this misfortune is to avoid making rash decisions.

Before closing a deal from your Teresa, Rizal agent, verify that the house and lot is legally owned by the seller. Nowadays, there are various sellers that are pretending to be legit. If not, some are claiming that they are just mere representatives to excuse themselves from scrutiny.

Even so, this should not stop you from scrutinizing information regarding the authenticity of the house and lot. Part of inspecting the authenticity of the house and lot is by asking for legal proofs from the seller—a Land Title is enough proof. Nevertheless, you should not easily feel at ease the moment a land title is presented because there are also fake documents everywhere. You see, scammers are also prepared for this kind of scrutiny. Comparing the owner’s copy to the copy from the Register of Deeds at Teresa, Rizal is one way to ensure the authenticity of the document. Also verify if the Land Title is free from any monetary and lawful impediments.

Failing to do these steps can lead to havoc in the future. If you are not an expert in this kind of stuff, you can hire a professional and reliable company which can do things like Title Verification, Due Diligence, Title transfer and etc.

How to Be a Responsible Property Owner in Teresa, Rizal

Many would say that condominiums are for the financially privileged. With its selling prices that are surging to the roof, who wouldn’t think like that? In the contrary, not all condominium owners are born with a silver spoon. Some of these are from hard-earned money. Who cares? At the end of the day, where you came from and how well you are earning does not really matter when residing in a condo. What matters is how obedient and responsible you are when it comes to abiding the protocols imposed in your finely furnished abode. Yes! These protocols still exist whether you like it or not.

Rules are imposed in order to maintain the peace and order of the environment. The same goes when residing in a small Teresa, Rizal community. It cannot be taken out of context that there are also other tenants in the area. Some of these tenants are easy to make peace with while some are really hard to handle. To avoid mayhem, rules are made to protect the privacy of others.

In addition, it is your duty as a property holder in Teresa, Rizal to abide by these rules. Of course, there are cases when people fail to follow the rules—case to case basis. During these times, it is important to extend our patience and consideration to these people. Aside from these, it is also important to treat condominium personnel and staff with utmost respect. If you follow these simple and basic guidelines, people around you will also return the favor to you. Respect earns respect, as they say.

Lastly, and most importantly, you should always pay your fees on time. Getting out of budget is not a good excuse for this negligence. It is automatically every property holder’s responsibility to pay their dues the moment they’ve signed up for a contract. With this, it is expected that every property holders should have reserve a budget for this. No excuses.

These protocols does not only imply on condominium owners. Even those who are residing in a house and lot also have to abide with a set of protocols in the community. The only difference between the two is that rules imposed in condos are stricter because flats are located closely from one another.

Simple Tips to Babyproof Your Teresa, Rizal Condo Unit

A condominium is a great place to settle down. Aside from the fact that it can offer lavish amenities, it is also secured and safe since there are condo personnel and staff in the vicinity. To settle down means finding a partner, making a baby and letting it grow. This is the Filipino way.

Speaking of babies, babies are very fragile creatures that need special attention from people around them most especially from their parents. That is why couples expecting a baby have extra checklists to do before purchasing a Teresa, Rizal property. One of the things that have to be considered first is the location of your unit. When emergency arises, is it a drive away from Teresa, Rizal medical facilities?

Now, consider also the situation after the baby’s birth. Is your baby safe in your home? Are you confident that your baby can acquire maximum protection? If you are in doubt, then better start renovating your home before worse comes to worst.

Start off by evaluating the most common areas where your baby usually stays—the living room and the bedroom. These two sweet spots are the usual places where babies play. Invest in high quality pillows and beddings. Most Filipino couples are usually fond of placing stuffed toys near the baby’s bedside, make sure that these stuffs are harmless—free from sharp materials and small pieces that can be inhaled or consumed by the baby. Cover your electric plugs most especially if within the baby’s range. Make sure that you furniture don’t also have any sharp edges.

Bathrooms and kitchen should be child-friendly too! These two spots are the most unsafe spots for babies because these contain harmful substances and tools. Kitchen utensils should be placed in a safe location. Cleaning materials such as muriatic acid, matches, and other supplies that are toxic when used up should also be kept safely. In the bathroom, make sure to add mats that can prevent any slips.

Babies are born with curious minds. This is the phase of development where a person’s curiosity level is at the peak that is why babies tend to touch everything that catches their attention. As mature individuals, it is you responsibility to feed their curiosity and at the same time ensure their safety.

4 Characteristics Your New Teresa, Rizal House Should Have and Never Be Compromised

Buying a new house means a lot of work, a lot of things to check and to make sure that you are not spending your money for a bad house. It would be important to make sure that you and your family will feel the comfort you are expecting. For this to happen, you must be extra careful to check that these characteristics will be present at your new Teresa, Rizal house.

  • A well-ventilated area. Your new house should be well-ventilated for your comfort. Make sure that it can provide you enough space to move around or a place that your children should be comfortable walking or jumping a little. Just imagining a black-out on one humid day give you creeps. So make sure that your new place in Teresa, Rizal will give what you deserve.

  • Accessibility of the place. Who would want a new place that is located on top of a mountain and you need to drive yourself a 20 kilometers or ride five public transportation buses before reaching a market or a church? Keep in mind that your new house should be accessible to your child’s school or playground or that it is near to church, mall or most especially hospitals or clinics for emergencies.

  • Eco-friendly house and location. Your new Teresa, Rizal house should be eco-friendly. It should be located at an area where there are plants and trees. Also, keep in mind that you should choose a house that is made from eco-friendly materials like rubber and/or polymer roofing, energy-saving appliances and etc.

  • A heart-warming look for your house. Remember that one of the few places that you can consider your sanctuary is your home. Choose a home which has a softer look that can make you feel comfortable. Keep in mind the color of your own choice, the layout of the house or even the smallest detail. These can make your house a one of a kind.

It does not matter if your house is smaller, or that it does not suit your friend’s choice. For as long as you are comfortable and happy in your place, go for it! After all, it will be you who will be living on it for a long run and not them.

What Tagum City, Davao Homeowners Must Know About The Real Estate Service Act Of 2009

The Real Estate Service Act of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 9646) is most commonly called as the RESA Law and is signed by former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on June 29, 2009. This law is mandating that the practice of real estate in the Philippines should be regulated and professionalized.

This means that the real estate agent should be able to pass the licensure examination. This licensure examination is prepared by the government, member of the board and selected people whose knowledge focuses on real estate property in different areas like Tagum City, Davao and its business.

If you are into the real estate business in Tagum City, Davao, here are some things that you should be aware of:

1. Scope of examination. There is a different set of questions prepared for the real estate brokers, another for the real estate consultants and another for the real estate appraisers. The following fields are the scope of the examination that the three mentioned personnel are to focus (but are not limited to):

  • Real estate consultant – consulting tools and techniques, real estate consulting fundamentals, real estate finance and economics and a lot more.

  • Real estate appraiser – fundamentals of real estate principles and practices, physical and human geography, methodology of appraisal approaches, practical appraisal mathematics and many more.

  • Real estate brokers – legal requirements for real estate service practice, fundamentals of property ownership, basic principles of ecology, documentation and registration, subdivision development in cities like Tagum City, Davao; condominium concept; and many more.

2. Requirements needed to qualify for the examination. The person who would like to take the licensure exam should be a citizen of the Philippines, has a bachelor degree from a state university or college or from schools which are recognized by the CHED and a person with good moral (must not be convicted with any crime which involves in moral turpitude).

3. Ratings that must be achieved to pass. The person must have an average of 75% or more and he or she should never have any subject which is below 50%.

The law is subject to change from time to time and for you to be updated about the Real Estate Service Act of 2009, you should keep reading about this law and its possible alterations.

What Happens To Real Estate Properties In Tagum City, Davao Before, During, And After Marriage

Dating couples do not usually talk about things concerning their properties in Tagum City, Davao. They are so in love with each other that what each of them owns does not matter a single thing at all. This may not still be a problem especially when they are not yet thinking of getting married and make a bond with each other forever.

However, when they get engaged and have plans of taking marriage vows, it maybe time that they start talking about their possessions. Why is that? It is because in Philippine law, there is a so-called System of Absolute Community. This so-called system states all about what happens to properties such as real estate properties in Tagum City, Davao, jewelries, money and the like, before, during, and after the marriage.

First, what is the system of absolute community? This particular system is the default system for property rights in the case that there are no agreements made between the couple with regards to their properties prior to their wedding. In this kind of property regime, according to Article 90 of the Family Code of the Philippines, married couples, the husband and the wife, will become co-owners of whatever property that both of them acquired or may acquire before and during the rites of their marriage. In other words, any possession that either of them owns before and during the time of marriage, including real estate properties in Tagum City, Davao, money, shares, and the like, will automatically become the possession of both individuals. Properties inherited by parents even before the marriage takes place is not an exemption.

There are only three kinds of properties which can be exempted from the absolute community regime.

  • donated or inherited properties from his/her parents after the marriage.

  • properties acquired during the prior marriage where he/she has legitimate children.

  • personal belongings such as clothes, shoes and the like, but with the exemptions of jewelries.

It is very important that couples understand the law about the property rights before, during, and after the marriage. Even if the married couples decide to make an agreement regarding their possessions but this happens after the marriage has occurred, the agreement will still remain invalid and the absolute community prevails. Moreover, couples living separately but not legally separated still follows the absolute property system.

Tips In Avoiding A Reverse Mortgage Scam For Your Tagum City, Davao Home

A reverse mortgage is a loan that is solely created for the senior citizens. However, there are a lot of reported cases where this specific financial product is being utilized by opportunistic scammers in order to deceive and take advantage of the elderly. These scammers commit fraud to have immediate gains from their actions.

There are a lot of scenarios or schemes that the perpetrators may make use of for this kind of deception. They typically utilize two common scams for this matter. They are, namely, equity theft as well as foreclosure rescue.

In the case of equity theft, the criminal will buy a home in Tagum City, Davao which has already been abandoned is in foreclosure. He will then let the victim occupy the house for two months. Afterwards, he will sell the house in Tagum City, Davao to the victim who takes out a reverse mortgage loan. After completing this specific transaction, the criminal will be stealing all the proceeds of such loan.

In the case of a foreclosure rescue, the criminal will be doing a research as to the names and profiles of senior citizens whose homes in Tagum City, Davao are facing foreclosure. After such identification, he will be convincing the victim that the only way to save his property from getting foreclosed is to take out a reverse mortgage loan. However, he will then inform the victim about his disqualification for the loan. As a result, the senior citizen takes out a traditional mortgage loan but the equity and the property have already been transferred to the criminal.

In most cases, the victim knows the person who commits this type of fraud. It can be the financial advisor, a friend, or even a member of the family. In this case, here are a few tips on how you can avoid a reverse mortgage scam.

  • When considering a reverse mortgage loan, talk to professionals.

  • Never believe anyone who claims that you can be a homeowner without paying the down payment.

  • Never accept payments from others for a property that is not yours.

  • Never respond to any unsolicited advertisement.

  • Never sign anything without understanding it.

Nowadays, senior citizens need to be vigilant. There are people who will take advantage of your frailty and old age for their own gains. Do not be a victim to this scam.

Safety Hazards To Watch Out For In Your Tagum City, Davao Home

In the Philippines, being a parent is a big deal. It entails countless and heavyweight responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is taking care of the family. This alone is not a piece of cake. In taking good care of your family, you have to make sure that you can give them a warm and comfortable home.

A home is where your family can eat together, sleep together, watch movies together, and most importantly, grow together. However, a home will never be a home if it is not safe to live by. That is why it is important, as homeowners and parents at the same time, to assess every corner of your house in Tagum City, Davao and eliminate the hazards that can endanger any of your family members.

One of the most common hazards in the home in Tagum City, Davao is falling or slipping. Based on reports, falls and slips are most common to children and elders aging 60 years old and above. There are only a few cases reported coming from age between the aforementioned age groups. The most common areas in the house where falls and slips occur are the staircases and bathrooms.

Second on the list is fire hazard. This is the reason why a “Fire Prevention Month” is practiced in the Philippines where awareness is spread nationwide. The most common causes of accidental fire in every home are unattended lighted candles and overloaded electrical outlets.

Choking hazards make it on the third spot of the list. This is most common if you have children at home who are still prone to getting impulses of swallowing anything that is within their reach. If you have children at home in Tagum City, Davao, keep watch of small toys and hard foods that can easily block airways.

Similar to choking hazards, kids are also prone to dangers brought by sharp objects. The common areas in our home are the kitchen where knives, if not kept properly, can easily be reached.

Last on the list is food poisoning. Though food poisoning is very common to kids, adults are not also exempted from this hazard, most especially if cleaning supplies and other household products are not well labeled. Medicines and vitamins are also common causes of poisoning.

Risks To Face With Reverse Mortgage Loans For Tagum City, Davao Properties

A reverse mortgage is a financial product that is primarily created to aid people in their old age. However, there are actually a lot of things that could go wrong if you will proceed with taking out a reverse mortgage loan for your property in Tagum City, Davao. Here are the top risks that you will be facing in this case.

1. Leaving the home is inevitable for most senior citizens. If you have a limited retirement fund or limited savings, then, you will just be postponing leaving your home in Tagum City, Davao. At the same time, you will just also be wasting your home equity which is very valuable.

2. In case you need cash or money to finance a short term goal or pay for your short term needs, you should only consider a reverse mortgage loan as a last option. Instead, you should go with a traditional home loan or a home equity line of credit.

3. A senior citizen who takes out a large lump sum will eventually find out that they will reinvest their money at returns which are lower than the interest rates of the home equity conversion mortgage. Aside from that, you will also become a target for most criminals who use reverse mortgage loans to commit fraud or scams.

4. Eventually, there will be a need for a senior citizen to leave his house in Tagum City, Davao. There are a couple of reasons why this is the case. First, he may need to transfer to a nursing home, to an assisted living facility, or to the house of a family member who will be taking care of him. Aside from that, he may already not be financially capable of paying his basic maintenance, his insurance, and his taxes. As a result, his home equity may not be enough in order to finance the transfer. This kind of risk is actually a lot bigger for a person who is already 60 years old or above.

5. Lastly, the person who lives with the person in the house yet whose name does not appear on the reverse mortgage loan faces a great risk, too. In case the senior dies or moves out of the house, then, he either has to pay off the loan or move out.

Who Can Be A Real Estate Investor in Tagbilaran City, Bohol?

According to many experts, investing in real estate in Tagbilaran City, Boholis a smart move. It is because there are a lot of ways that an investor can earn money from it. These include owning and renting residential or commercial properties, buying and selling residential or commercial properties, renovating residential properties for appraisal, and others. For this, a lot of people want to venture in this industry, most especially in the Philippines. Experts foresee that the political and economic stability in the Philippines for the next couple of years can boost the real estate market.

Who can be a real estate investor in Tagbilaran City, Bohol? Basically, everyone can become a real estate investor as long as you have a deep understanding of the market, you know how to analyze your finances and you can assemble and manage a team. As a real estate investor, it is essential that you know the importance of determining the ROI or return of investment. To understand the market, you have to be aware of the variables that can affect it, such as the interest rate, homeownership rate, rental vacancy rate and geo-demographic shift.

There is no specific degree required to become a real estate investor in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. However, there are a few degrees that can help you start smoothly in this industry. Here are some of the suggested degrees:

1. Psychology

Real estate marketing is a tough task since you have to build relationships with your clients. In this aspect, having a good background in Psychology can help you connect with your clients and your colleagues.

2. Accounting

Accounting or any other degree related to Finance can also help you. Aside from dealing with people, you’ll also be dealing with numbers. If you have this kind of background, you won’t find it difficult to handle large monetary numbers.

3. Engineering

This degree will help in home improvement ideas. Aside from that, Engineering is known to be a tough degree with lots of problem solving. This goes the same with real estate. If you have an Engineering background, your problem solving skills will surely be enhanced.

4. Law

In real estate, a contract one of the most important documents. This is to make all transactions legal. As a real estate entrepreneur, it is important that you have the ability to understand contracts and laws.

Why Home Staging Is More Valuable For Real Estate Sellers in Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Real estate properties are some of the toughest things to sell in the Tagbilaran City, Bohol market not only because there are many competitors out there but also because they are costly to buy and not all can easily afford them. In order to sell, real estate sellers come up with their own strategies to encourage potential buyers. One of these strategies is home staging. Home staging is the act of preparing your property before presenting it to the market. With this, you aim to make your house visually appealing in order to attract more buyers. House staging involves cleaning, de-cluttering, renovating and repairing your house.

Home staging is no longer a new concept. Through the years, it has been proven as one of the most powerful real estate marketing tools. This is because it results to higher selling price or higher return of investments. To know it further, here are the reasons why home staging is valuable for real estate sellers in Tagbilaran City, Bohol:

1. Connects emotionally

In home staging, you are winning your customers through visual impact. This impact can touch the emotional aspect of the buyers and can lead to possible sales.

2. Detailing home

Home staging gives you the opportunity to evaluate your house for possible repairs that are just waiting to be noticed for a long time. At the same time, you can also use this time to start packing up for moving out.

3. Higher selling price

Since you are transforming your Tagbilaran City, Bohol house for it to be aesthetically pleasing, you are then entitled to sell your price higher than expected. Of course, you can also include the expenses you had while renovating it. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to worry if its price gets higher since the price can be justified by the appearance of your house.

4. Faster selling time

According to some experts, homes that are staged sell 43% faster than those homes that are not staged.

5. Room for discovery

If you haven’t done staging before, then this is your time to try it. You’ll definitely learn a lot from your first time! You’ll enhance your home renovating skills and creative designing.

6. Sets impression

First impression lasts, as they say. Staging your house can help create a good impression to your buyers and will surely make your house to the top of their lists.

Why It Is Necessary To Buy A Home in Tagbilaran City, Bohol

Home is where the heart is. A home is a place where you can go home to relax and chill after a long day from stress and tensions. It sets you off every morning to see the world and welcomes you back every night to hear your discoveries about the world. Home is where you know your family is waiting for you. Today, purchasing a house in Tagbilaran City, Bohol is very costly. This is the reason why not all can afford to acquire one. This leads them to rent houses and live unsettled. Hopping from one house to another can be a never-ending struggle. Buying a house where you can settle down is the only solution that you can get to solve this burden. Why is it necessary to buy a home?

Thinking of its acquisition cost makes you realize that it’s not a practical thing to do. If you can rent and pay half the price compared to buying a house, then, why not? However, this is not really the most practical thing as you think it is. Buying a house in Tagbilaran City, Bohol might be costly in the beginning, but in the long run, you’ll realize that it is in fact a good investment. If you try to compute the amount you’ve spent in renting for several years, you’ll realize that you can save more if you have a house of your own. Aside from saving tons of pesos, you’ll also free yourself from nagging landlords and recurring rental fees.

Second, owning a house secures your future. By future, it means having a family of your own. Would you rather drag your entire family from one house to another? How about imagining yourself settling down in a cozy home with your family? House hopping is only ideal for those who are still on their own but for those who are building a family, it is not a convenient choice.

Third, Filipinos usually take great pride when they are able to achieve something. Owning a house in is one of the indications that you are getting the benefits of the money that you have earned through your hard work. A house is somewhat like a trophy which symbolizes someone’s success in life.

How To Choose A Warm Home in Tagbilaran City, Bohol For A Family Of Four

Filipinos are very family-oriented. They tend to consider the needs of their families first before attending to their own needs. This is why Filipinos will do whatever it takes to give their families a warm home. The average family size in the Philippines typically ranges from 6-10 members. It does not include the extended families when each child marries. Owning a house in Tagbilaran City, Bohol in this scenario is costly that is why in the modern age, some Filipinos prefer to have smaller families, such as a family of four.

It is not that hard to seek shelter for a family of four. If you have such family, this article will help you choose a warm home whether you are just starting to build your family and you want to plan ahead for the future or whether you want to upgrade your current family’s residence in Tagbilaran City, Bohol.

Considering the size of your family, you obviously wouldn’t go for a house that is too big for everyone. A spacious house makes it difficult for your small family to gather around, thus, decreasing the family’s quality time. Opt for a small house that can cater enough room for your family, most especially if you have young children around. This will make baby-sitting easier as you don’t have to get stressed running around the house while attending to your child and doing the household chores.

A small house in Tagbilaran City, Bohol is also easier to maintain. Considering the number of heads in the household, a small house cannot take much time and effort when cleaning compared to living in a bigger house. Putting up a list of your family’s needs room by room will help you determine the ideal size of your house. Then, determine the number of square meters which you think can accommodate the activities in that area. Will 3 bedrooms be enough for a family of 4? How big should each room be? Do any of your rooms require special accessibility?

Regardless of the family size, it is important that each family member should engage in outdoor activities too. Outdoor activities open up more rooms for growth – personally and as a family. When choosing a house, consider a house with a yard. A small house also encourages the family to explore the outdoors and the neighborhood since it does not have extra spaces to compel its residents on staying indoors.

Tagbilaran City, Bohol Home Buying 101: Missing the Monthly Mortgage Payment

A mortgage is a loan provided by a reputable bank or any financial institution to a borrower given that he will pay it back on the agreed schedule. Before the approval of the mortgage, it is a must for the borrower to secure a collateral in the form of real estate property in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. Otherwise, the loan will be denied. It would be a problem if you miss your monthly mortgage. With that, here are the tips that you can do to avoid unwanted consequences:

Contact your lender. This should be an urgent thing to do. Contact your lender as soon as possible and explain to them the reason why you missed the payment. They might be able to offer you some solutions.

Be open with your lender. There’s no need for you to lie to your lender about something that concerns your mortgage fees. Take the initiative and tell your lenders that you might miss future payments ahead of time. They may give you some considerations.

Ask for some professional help. It’s not a crime to ask for a help from knowledgeable individuals. You can ask the help of a knowledgeable friend and a family member. You can also ask assistance from people involved in real property business in Tagbilaran City, Bohol like lawyers, real estate agents and brokers.

If you have missed some payments already, lenders might give you a higher interest rate. It will not lower your monthly payment. The worst possible scenarios that you may face are:

Higher interest rates. Once you missed a payment, the Tagbilaran City, Bohol lenders will most probably assess the possible fees that you will pay aside the monthly fee. Your payment will also be considered delinquent.

A hit on your credit card. A good score on your credit status means that you are a good and responsible payer. However, if you miss your monthly mortgage fee, there is a great possibility that it will affect your credit standing by some points.

Missing a mortgage fee will give you a negative feedback. It would be better if you pay your monthly mortgage fee in advance. Always remember that prevention is better than cure. Be sure to always pay on time to avoid unnecessary consequences.

How to Renovate Your Taal, Batangas Home’s Bathroom Cost-Effectively

Renovating the bathroom is actually one of the most expensive renovation works you can do for the home. If you are not careful how you calculate your expenses, you won’t be able to get the kind of renovation you want at the budget you have. It is especially a given for you to be careful when you need to replace fixtures like the toilet, sink, and tub.

Nowadays, it should not be that difficult to renovate the bathroom in your home at Taal, Batangas. You can change the feel and look of the bathroom without spending a lot of money too. You simply have to make the right choices and come up with a suitable plan for the renovation.

One of the things that you will have to think about is the paint. Just re-applying the paint for your bathroom would give it a new look and feel. Pick a new color to change the ambiance. This particular tip is not only applicable to the bathroom but for the other parts of the Taal, Batangas home as well.

Picking new accessories such as the toilets and sinks comes next. Normally, you’ll have to spend a lot of money just so you can purchase the best ones. However, you have to make sure first that the fixture you are trying to replace is really not functioning well. There is absolutely no reason to purchase new fixture if the old one is still working.

Cabinets will come next. You can make your cabinet look brand new if you sand it down, apply a new coat of paint, and refinish it. Once done with that, you can replace the old knobs and replace them with new ones.

Adding mirrors and tiles to the bathroom should improve its look and feel too. With the tiles, you can change the impression of the bathroom. With the mirror, you can make the bathroom look more spacious.

By renovating the bathroom, you can acquire a new look and feel for the bathroom. This should have a positive impact for your Taal, Batangas home too. Renovating the bathroom also means increasing the house’s overall value, after all.

How to Prepare Your Taal, Batangas Home for the Rainy Season

When the end of summer comes around, you will have to brace yourself for the wet season. In the Philippines, the start of June means that the time for rain to come pouring down is near. This also means that it is high time for you to prepare your Taal, Batangas home so that it can withstand the rainy season and does not worsen your home’s condition.

The first thing that you have to do to make sure that your home can withstand the rainy season is to check the roof. The roof is your first line of defense against the rain, after all. Check it thoroughly and make sure that there are no fissures or punctures. If some shingles are missing, you need to replace them as soon as possible. Holes should be sealed and irreparable roof parts should be replaced too.

Don’t forget to check the rain gutters. These should be cleared of any debris and dirt. Clogged rain gutters will just cause the water to not flow smoothly down the drain. The weight of the clogged water will ultimately lead to damages on the rain gutters, which can then damage the roof in general.

Checking the caulking of the windows and doors should come next. You have to make sure that there are no cracked caulking in them. Otherwise, moisture and leaks will just seep into the home.

Never underestimate the typhoon season in the Philippines. Thus, if there are big trees within your premises, check whether they have old branches. You need to cut these of as they may break off and cause damages or injuries when a strong typhoon hits the country.

If your Taal, Batangas home is lower than the ground level, then it is time for you to collect some sand bags. You must place these bags around the premises of the home. That way, you won’t be flooded with rain water when the rainy season comes.

These are just some of the preparations that you must do when you want to make sure that your Taal, Batangas home does not get any damages during the rainy season. You must pay attention to the condition of your home and prevent any situations where you will be required to do expensive repairs later on. Preparing for the rainy season is also a good way to prevent costly repairs for your home.

How to Prevent Thieves from Breaking Into Your Taal, Batangas Home

If you are a new owner of a Taal, Batangas home, then you are the one who should be concerned the most about the safety of your home. You have to make sure that you theft-proof it so that you can protect it against thieves and other unscrupulous elements. Even if you don’t have a big budget, it should be possible to theft-proof your home.

To make sure that you don’t have to pay a lot of money just so you can theft-proof the Taal, Batangas home, it is better that you choose your location well. Right from the get go, you have to keep in mind how safe the neighborhood is. Stay away from those neighborhoods where crimes, thievery, and break-ins are rampant.

Stay on high alert. Just because you visited the place once and had an impression that it is a peaceful place doesn’t mean that it is really a safe place to live in. You should still install locks on the doors and windows. Since you have these locks installed, make sure to use them as well. Whenever you are out of the house or about to go to sleep, lock the windows and doors.

In case you are just moving to an existing home or just renting an apartment, it is important that you check the locks too. You don’t know who had the keys to the locks currently installed in the property. If you want to take the extra mile, you can get a sturdy door chain or deadbolt too.

Getting a dog is also a good idea. The dog may not provide a complete protection for your Taal, Batangas home but it will keep barking whenever someone it doesn’t know approaches the house. The dog will bark no matter what time of the day it is. Their barking will surely alert you when something suspicious occurs.

Lastly, you should consider installing an alarm. This is highly recommended for homeowners. The alarm can be purchased at the nearby hardware store. If you still have enough money, you might want to consider buying state-of-the-art surveillance to ensure the complete protection of your home.

Tips in Picking a Suitable Taal, Batangas Townhouse

If you think that condos are too small and houses are too big, then there is a perfect real estate property that’s right in between – a townhouse. This is the perfect Taal, Batangas property that you can get if you want to have a place to live in that is neither too big nor too small for the family. If you plan to buy a townhouse, here are the things that you have to check.

First, you have to consider the neighborhood. It is never enough that you just look at the actual Taal, Batangas property. You also have to look at the surroundings. See if there are public transportation nearby, major highways, and other infrastructure that you find essential for daily living. Make sure that the neighborhood is safe as well.

Know what public transportation you can rely on in the area. As much as possible, you have to pick areas where you don’t really have to pay a lot of money for transportation or for gas. Ideally, a place close to your child’s school and your workplace should be chosen.

Know who’s living right beside you, if ever there are already people living there. You don’t want to stay right beside noisy neighbors. You should be able to get along well with the people who live around you. Otherwise, it will feel unpleasant to stay at home.

Get to know the neighborhood association. In fact, you better request a copy of the rules and regulations implemented by the association. That way, you will be able to avoid doing something that may penalize you. It will also ensure smooth living with the people in the neighborhood if you follow the set rules and regulations.

Lastly, you have to check the purchase price. Naturally, a townhouse is cheaper compared to a house or a condo unit. While that may be the case, you have to check meticulously that the Taal, Batangas townhouse is being sold for its actual price. It should not be sold at a price that is too low or o high. You might need to get a professional’s opinion regarding the matter to make sure that you are buying the townhouse at a legitimate price.

5 Essential Spaces to Have in Your Taal, Batangas Home

When it comes to Taal, Batangas houses, there are spaces or rooms that they must have in order for them to become a home for Filipino families. These are the essential spaces or rooms that every Filipino families dream of having for their home. Here are the essential spaces that must be created inside a Filipino home.

Living Room. This is definitely the priority when it comes to a Filipino home. After all, this is the space in the Taal, Batangas house where the guests are entertained. In a Filipino home, the living room is highly likely to be the cleanest part. In fact, it is frequently cleaned in anticipation for the guests that may suddenly pop in.

Kitchen. As Filipinos love to cook, it is important that the home has a good kitchen where the mother can cook her specialty dishes. This is also where the dining table is located. In a Filipino family, the dining table is where everyone sits to have a meal together. Typically, there will also be a dirty kitchen adjacent to the normal kitchen where the dining table is positioned.

Bedroom. Sometimes, Filipinos prefer to have only one room in the Taal, Batangas home. This is not only to lower the purchase price of the home, this is also due to the fact that most families want to sleep together with the entire family. However, there are times when another room is necessary so that the kids will have a room of their own, especially when they are older.

Porch or Veranda. You will never see a traditional Filipino home without a veranda or a porch. This is where the entire family spends the evening together while singing songs as the head of the family strums the guitar. Sometimes, this is also the alternative to the living room – a place where guests are also entertained.

Bathroom. Of course, it is important that the Taal, Batangas home has a bathroom. This is where the family takes a bath and do their daily business. To most Filipinos, this is also where they belt out their favorite Whitney Houston songs. The bathroom will never be complete without the iconic pail and water dipper.